Writing Galore – Erika C.

Over the course of the last two weeks, the MakerSpace team has been working hard to create a final product of the orientation manual! The manual will include guidelines and safety rules to ensure that the production lab is as safe as can be.

Take a quick look at our Orientation Manual!
Take a quick look at our Orientation Manual!

To create an orientation manual that is fun for students to read, we have to keep it fun and simple. Keeping it fun has not been difficult at all, but keeping it simple is a whole different story! After meeting a couple of days ago with Mr. Connell, the man in charge of the production lab, we have gotten feedback that the orientation manual, as it is now, is very difficult to keep focus.

As we each split up the parts, it sounds like five different people, which makes it difficult to really understand what is going on. To fix this, the team has thought about writing out the manual from outline form into written form all together.

Considering that this is supposed to be a quick training, we have also come up with a training video! This video will include scenarios as to what to wear, how to be cautious, and how to use tools and materials. As of now, the team is currently in the process of writing a script for it. It has been difficult to write a script, so we might be considering to improvise and write the script afterwards. That way, we could create more of a real life scenario rather than for it to look scripted.

Take a quick look at our scenarios for the training video!
Take a quick look at our scenarios for the training video!

Our goal is to create a simple and entertaining orientation manual and training video that will allow the students and users of the production lab to ensure safety. We are coming close to our goal, but there is always room for improvement! We are looking to improve the orientation manual, as we are attempting to make it shorter and to keep it simple! Lots of writing is happening currently to reach our final product!

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