Right Brain Business is the right way to go! -Susette A.C.

After much confusion and pondering Comfort4U has finally decided how to tackle our marketing strategy. We’re basing our work off a book titled Building your Business the Right Brain Way, by Jennifer Lee. Right Brain Business is not the typical business plan. It is a plan that helps entrepreneurs or businesswomen like ourselves create a fun, creative marketing plan that nobody will ever forget! We have embarked on our business journey with a series of collages, one made by each Comfort4U original member. Our first deliverable is composed of four collages each accompanied with a description describing the collage. In our deliverable we also agreed on a core message for our marketing plan and its to: Improve the health, happiness, and educational status of middle school and high school students by ensuring sitting comfort.

Collage 1The first collage in the deliverable was made by Claudia Vargas and it’s a summation through pictures of our introduction to our project: the seat cover. In her description, Claudia goes into detail on how the seat cover will function (slip on the chair, buckle and voila! ready for use) and why discomfort of chairs became an issue is of importance to us.

collage 2

The second collage was created by me and I was in charge of the business description. Through my collage I want people to understand our team, it’s a visual introduction to Comfort4U, a professional yet relaxed business. We take our goals very seriously, but we also like to have fun while working hard. Our business is composed of nine lovely ARS girls who are all excited for this idea to become a reality! This simply started a mutual agreement that our chairs suck and now it has grown into a full fledged project, that has the potential to be very successful. Through this collage I also wish for people to understand the hard work that has gone into this project.

The third collage was created by Daisy Horr and she was in charge of depicting our target audience and customer needs. As already stated in our core message our main target audience are students collage 3
within the Austin ISD area. We want to keep our project as realistic as

possible, and starting our with a smaller target audience is very tangible to us. Daisy goes on to describe why creating a seat cover is appropriate especially considering our modernizing schools and how learning environments are beginning to change.
The fourth collage was made by Gabriela Ramos. Gabriela describes our potential competitors and how they will affect our marketing. As you can see in her collage, the ultimate goal is to get people to prefer Comfort4U rather than the typical collage 4school chair companies we are so accustomed to. We hope to stay in the ball park by offering a great, effective seat cover at a fantastic price! We have yet to research the price of our seat cover, but one thing is for sure we want to sell it in the bulk and make it as affordable as possible for schools who are tight on budgets.

Unfortunately Comfort4U, was not able to meet on Thurday, March 5, due to the snow day so we have yet to continue our new project which is one HUGE collage, our final product, portraying our idea in its entirety. Our final product will include: the price of our seat cover in the bulk, instructions of how to utilize our product, benefits of our product, our objectives, potential competition and a description of our business. Alongside our poster board we will have a prototype of an actual seat cover that is being constructed by fellow members Gaby, Amanda and Brianna. So far everything is going well for Comfort4U and after figuring our minor details and prices, it will be smooth sailing from there on out. Until next time, Comfort4U member, Susette.

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  1. I really like your idea of creating comfortable chairs for learning. I like how you really took the time to establish your goals. I believe that it’s incredibly important to set realistic goals for yourself and work as a team to achieve it. I love the teamwork that goes into creating your project. I think you’re in an incredibly good place as of right now and I hope you continue to make the right strides towards the goal. I wish you the best with your project!
    -Andrea Cazares

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