Experimenting with Butter! – LEIDY CONTRERAS

This past week we’ve been giving deep thought to the idea of instead of having a smoothie blender, to change our creation completely and start with the making of butter. Even though we had already decided that making butter would be 10 times easier than makes a smoothie, we still have our doubts but our mind is set in a clearer way now. The next time we meet, we will all bring different items to class, some of us will bring a jar another a marble and other the heavy cream, in the future we will research over different types of ingredients that could be added to the heavy cream in order to have a better tasting butter. We took apart various parts from the rowing machine, because we figured that the making of butter will need less force than what a smoothie needs. We noticed that by the simple action of moving the handles in the rowing machine back and forth we get half a spin from the gears at the front, but the gears in the back give full spins. We will make butter the next time we meet and we will see what it is that causes the butter to form. There is no special way of moving the heavy milk around, you just need to have constant movement in it.

Grecia and Yuvia working with the gears.
Grecia and Yuvia working with the gears.

This past week we’ve only been focused on the research of how to make butter and the force needed to complete this action. But we have also been playing around with the gears in the rowing machine, disconnecting things and putting them back together or connecting them in a different spot than the usual. By making butter we would mostly need upper body force, and with this in mind, we’ve decided that we should find out a way to also incorporate the legs into this whole process, so that your arms aren’t the only muscles that are moving around. We sent out our list of materials to our teacher this week, we had a slight error when ordering our stuff which means that our stuff will not be getting here maybe until we come back from spring break. But we already have everything figured out on what we will do once we receive our stuff, and we will be able to put everything together and to work pretty efficiently. Our next deliverable is due this Friday, for the rest of the week we will be working on that and with making butter during class.

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