Butter Babes Get to Work: Grecia L.

The LYNG Team has brought a new idea to the table to which they would like to test. As a team we began with the idea of improving bathtubs in order for them to be safer, we then came up with the idea of creating a smoothie cycle I order to incorporate healthy eating with working out, but we’ve reached the point where we are uncertain as to where we would like to move on from here. As we were working out the glitches as to how our rowing machine would be incorporated to our smoothie cycle, Ms. Miesner and Mrs. Jo brought up the idea of making butter. As we showed our teachers the mechanics of our rowing machine they saw that the movements were simple and could be used to make butter a somewhat simpler process than that of a smoothie cycle. We then proceeded to having a group meeting as to what it is we wanted to do. We decided to test both out and see which worked out for the better between both ideas. Our materials list for the smoothie cycle have been sent out and waiting to be order so that we may figure the mechanics behind the smoothie blender.

Yuvia and a Grecia disassembling the rowing machine. PC: Nelly C.
Yuvia and a Grecia disassembling the rowing machine. PC: Nelly C.
Disassembled handle and foot holders. PC: Nelly C.

As of now as a team we are figuring out how it is that we will move forward with our ideas. We began with the disassembling of our rowing machine, the disassembling allowed out us to see all the mechanics in the rowing machine and how it is that each part worked. We were able to disassemble the handles as well as part of the pulley systems within the seat that allowed the handle and seat to move. Along with disassembling the rowing machine we’ve finished the base for the tire that belonged to the smoothie cycle. The base would of allowed the tire to move while staying stationary and powering the blender as one used the rowing machine. As we wait for the materials we ordered we hope to use them to create the axle and gears that will allow the wheel from the bike to power the blender, but until then we have an experiment to make. That experiment was inspired by our teacher Ms Miesner, she explained that before we commit to the idea of creating butter with the rowing machine we should rest how butter us made in order to see how we can incorporate those movements in the rowing machine. I order to figure this out we will be bringing in materials such as mason jars, a marble, and heavy whipping cream in order to create our own butter.

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  1. Hey Glopez!
    I think this project is awesome!! Because I personally know that whenever I have to workout (which I hardly ever do) I do not want to, but knowing that after a good workout I could be drinking a delicious smoothie would motivate me so much. I would think that making butter would be harder so I went and researched on (http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-butter-and-cultured-butter-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-194372) for a recipe and I personally find making a smoothie yummier and easier. Also, my question is why you’d make butter? Other than that, I absolutely love y’alls idea, I think it’ll not only be so much fun but unique. I wish y’all the best of luck and please keep me updated… I’d like to volunteer to be a tester of this machine.

    Yours truly,

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