So many changes! – Nelly Contreras

So we changed our idea once again. We didn’t think we would change our idea so soon but we had too, well in my opinion. So we were researching how we were going to incorporate the bicycle wheel into the row body machine that we had both from Savers. We tried different ideas like a fly wheel and I believe having several gears that would make the bicycle wheel make a full rotation. We talked to our teachers, Mrs. Jo and Ms. Meisner, and well they gave us a few ideas of what to do instead. We realized that our concept that we are trying to do with the row body machine was not going to make enough power to crush ice. So Mrs. Jo suggested we use something that needs less power and will be easier to make. So we did some research and we saw how to make homemade butter. So we went with it. Instead of making smoothies now we are going to make homemade butter and the good thing about this concept is that you get a great workout with it. Homemade butter is made in about 15-20 minutes and you only need about 2 ingredients and your done. What you will also need is a hand mixer in order to mix the ingredients together.

So this week we started taking apart the row body machine for we could see how every concept works in the machine. As you can see in the picture below, you see that Yuvia and Grecia are trying to take the handle away in order for us to try to incorporate the bicycle wheel into the row machine. We took the handle off and we saw that maybe we could add the wheel in the front of the row machine and add the gears there and the exercise that the people would get is kind of an abs workout which who doesn’t like abs?



Our goals so far is to try to figure out how to add the wheel which we have an idea of what to do with that. Also, we would like to research a little more about the butter concept because we need to see how we are also going to add that to the row body machine. Hopefully this all works in our favor and we get this row body machine to make butter!! Too much excitement and hopefully our idea doesn’t get changed again.

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  1. I like the idea to use something manually to make something else. It is like converting energy into food, well now butter! But the concerning part about this is your working out to make butter, which is nothing but fat. Maybe your team can use this to alter butter to where it is more healthier? Just an idea. And I know nothing about engineering so I am not visualizing what you mean about the wheel. Isn’t a wheel already on the bicycle?
    – Deanna W

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