Lengthy Manual-Ana F.

The Art of Manliness

Now that we can no longer create a first aid kit for the Production Lab in the Makers Space, my group has decided to make an orientation manual, and training video for the new students who are going to use the Production Lab.So our group has created the orientation manual for the Production Lab. We have now realized how long the final product is going to be. Our original manual was around five pages long. It went over the different tools, their description, and how to use them and also included a brief list of basic rules. We did not have a completed manual so many of the “how to” instructions were only links. Many came from this website called The Art of Manliness, I stumbled across that has actually been very helpful.

After meeting with the creator of the Makers Space, we got more insight on what needed to be added. Our five page manual quickly became an eight page one and it’s still not finished. The descriptions now include the different types of those tools and certain specifics regarding the tool. For example, the section on hand saws includes the three different types we have in the Makers Space, how to use them, what materials they are for and what cuts they make. I never knew so much was needed for the manualunnamedl but it has definitely been a learning experience for all of us. So far, we have had a lot of fun. The head of the Makers Space wants the manual to be entertaining as well as informative since it is going to be for the new sixth graders. We have been working hard to make both the manual and the training video something that won;t bore them entirely. We have come to realize that the head of the Makers Space adds some humor wherever he can as well. We have also started the script for the training video which we have lots of room to add our own humor and flare. There is still so much to do for this project but we are excited to see the final product.

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  1. Brittany:
    The website your using is really interesting that’s for sure, I think to add some humor into the manual you could put pictures of the teachers in it posing with the tools and proper ways of handling them. It’d be fun for the students but if you’re thinking of expanding it outside of school it would probably be best to stick to drawings or very basic pictures. Maybe you could put in a lab safety word search or something of the sort in the back? I would definitely want to see some of the website content in the book!

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