In need of some warm weather!! – Alexys Garza

Lately in the Austin area we have been experiencing some pretty “harsh” weather, and I don’t know about any of y’all, but I don’t like it! While the very cold and rainy weather is terrible just because this is Austin, it’s also terrible for my project! The cold weather we have been experiencing makes it difficult for the outdoor athletes, and for me as I try to take on this misting project. The point of the misting machine is to cool down athletes after a long run or workout in the heat, but as long as it stays this cold, it will not be needed.

For the past week or two I have been conducting research online to figure out what kind of materials to use and how the pressure system would work. I found that it would be almost impossible to get the amount of pressure needed if I were to use a regular water system from a hose outside. It is necessary that I get a pressure control to be able to raise and lower the pressure of the water that goes into the system. When figuring this out I also realized I will be fighting gravity and the water will be shooting up instead of going down (like normal things do).

This is a picture pf my first prototype (down sized) of the misting system.
This is a picture pf my first prototype (down sized) of the misting system.

The picture above shows what I worked on in the previous class. I calculated the inches of which the system would be in height and width and scaled it down to centimeters to create a smaller version of what I was thinking about for the system. In my head I see the system working with the water and pressure coming from the left hand side of the system, with the water running throw the rest of the system from left to right. On both sides of the system and the top there will be 2 holes (a total of 6) that will contain misting knobs which will allow the water to be mist instead of high pressure water shooting at your face.

This is an example of a misting system used in a shopping center to keep shoppers cool on a hot day.
This is an example of a misting system used in a shopping center to keep shoppers cool on a hot day.

In the picture above people outside are able to walk from store to store without being harmed by the excessive heat because of the misters outside. This is what I hope to accomplish in completing this project, but for athletes.

For the next few weeks I will be working on the prototype and trying to see how I am going to get the water pressure high enough for the system to work properly. I will also be finalizing my materials that will be used in the actual system once I begin building the real project. Can’t wait to dig deeper into this project!

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  1. I think this is a great idea and will be well appreciated by athletes in the summer heat. The weather right now it unpredictable, but it would be great to be able to carry around something like this. It sounds as though your prototype will be large though, and I’m not sure whether you plan on it being portable or set in one spot. It would be cool for it to be portable but I’m guessing the bigger the mister the more water can come out. Good job on your work so far!

    Oceane Maher

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