Comfort 4 U Cuts Through Cushion- CRUZ

The Comfort 4 U engineering team has stopped sewing for a couple class periods. The top half of the cushion that will be used as the back rest is thinner than the bottom half of the chair cushion that will be used to rest your bottom on. The engineering team had fun testing the new piece of cushion that we got to work with, by sitting on it and seeing how far the cushion sank in on average.

Cutting the cushion:

Gaby found it easiest to cut the cushion using a box cutter because of how sharp the blade was. Not everybody in the engineering group was great at cutting the cushion, so the team split jobs to each member and designated Gaby as the seamstress, Amanda as the team member to measure and mark the foam before Brianna the cutter would cut the foam.

1. The foam was quite large and had to cut down to the size of the bottom part of a classroom chair, so Amanda measured and marked all of the sides, While Brianna cut them. Gaby took pictures of Brianna cutting the foam so that the team could refer back to them if there seemed to be any complications.

2. The Comfort 4 U establishing team told the engineering team that they would like there to a sort of slope in the piece of foam and because the foam already sank into the chair low when a student sat on it, the engineering team ran it by the head of Comfort 4 U to make the slope as narrow as possible. It was difficult for Brianna to cut the slope because it had to be cut on section at a time and as precise as possible.

(Future Goals/Plans)

3. The slope is to be finished next class so that Gaby can start sewing the cover to the cushion. After the

Brianna cutting the first piece off of the bottom foam.
Brianna cutting the first piece off of the bottom foam.
Gaby searching google to find ways to cut a slope into foam.

cover to the cushion is finished the team will construct ideas on how to sew the two cushions together so that a student of any height will be able to sit comfortably on the chair.

Overall the Comfort 4 U engineering team has come a long way in constructing their first model of the classroom chair cushion. It may have been a big step for them when learning how to use a sewing machine or how to measure specifically for sewing purposes, but the girls achieved and overcame the unknown knowledge. Having spoken with the whole engineering team about the new knowledge, every team member has implied that they will most likely use what they have learned from building the chair cushion for many years to come.

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  1. I am very impressed with the coordination that your group has. I like how ya’ll know what you are doing by assigning roles and work hard every class period to make this product work. I’m sure you will need a few test trials and may have to make some adjustments, but you are off to a good start.
    -Annalise M

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