Button Up-Adina F.

Because it’s getting cold!

When we planned our kickstarter campaign we found out about the backer rewards. These are small rewards that are sent to people who support your project as a way of saying thank you. These vary greatly depending on the project being made, and we had to come up with one of our own. The idea we settles on was to send people buttons with our name on them. This would be an easy to produce, and cheap to make reward. It would also serve as some free marketing if people wore them and just generally make the person owning them cooler.
We settled on two basic designs, one has our name with a shield that contains our logo, and the other has our mascot-Steve(created by Kyrie)-holding a Neon Shields Banner.
Displaying photo.JPG
Top=Final, bottom=ideas
These initial designs (drawn by Adina) were redrawn onto cardstock with the shield being done by Paloma, and Steve by Adina. These are the original designs that will not be made into buttons in the near future.
After this we set about making actual buttons. The first step was to make copies of the originals. With the help of Mr. Neal, this was done, and we had beautiful copies of our originals. …Black and white copies. While this originally seemed to be a setback, we decided that that designs looked pretty cool in black and white. With the addition of some Neon Green accents, they were ready to be buttonized.
This mandated the use of Ms. Mauser’s button press a.k.a. a big pressy thing that Kyrie CANNOT press my fingers in. To operate it, one puts in the button back in the bottom, followed by a metal plate, then the design and the plastic covering. Ms. Mauser informed us that it was better to leave a 1/4 inch(ish) margin around the paper design which makes it easier to center the design.
6 in the hand is worth...something in the something
6 in the hand is worth…something in the something
We made 6 buttons for 50 cents each, giving one to Mauser as a thank you. The plan is to give out buttons at the SXSW event as a method of publicity.
And as you can see in the featured image, it is possible to hand one from an earring as a method of wearing it, though this is not recommended.

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