Safety In Numbers, Stormy

Hey there world,

It’s been a while, I know. And much like the year, a lot has changed. We have put the baby beeper/ adhd alert/ whatever you wanna call it to bed, like a pacified infant. And, much like the parents who finally have time to themselves as their baby sleeps, it’s time to baby proof. And, by baby proof I mean safety, for the youngins, both now and in the future.

Instead of making alerts, my new group and I are making the safety manual/ videos for our schools brand new makerspace.A makerspace, is a room for making things. Our consists of a band saw, a drill press, a scroll saw, a sander, a power drill, a hand saw, a circular saw, screw drivers, pliers, hammers, staple guns, wrenches, hot glue guns, clamps, and X acto knives. All are materials, that are blunt, and could lead to someone getting injured. Especially if used incorrectly, or without the correct safety materials.

The current problem the makerspace is happening is safety. Safety specifically involving the students that use that area for group projects, building things, or creating products for their personal or educational reasons. In the beginning, safety rules weren’t exactly completely enforced, and from my understanding people just assumed the student body had an understanding of how to act in an are with machinery. Basic safety rules like always keep your hair up, wear safety goggles, and make sure your sleeves or clothing isn’t too loose our it could get caught in a saw.

My group and I currently speaking to the head honcho of the Makerspace, to create a manual, videos, and a tangible example in the shape of a star. In the process he has created, and posted the posters, I have taken a photo of below. But, I have gone in multiple times since these posters were placed up there, and I have seen the majority of students not following any of them, except using their brain. I have a question, what do you believe is the most important safety rule?

IMG_1740— Stormy

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