New Project, New Design, New Deliverable! – By Monica Martinez

Okay guys! So now with this new adventure at hand we were asked to complete a deliverable similar to the way we were assigned to complete one in our previous project. As you guys might know our previous project with team MOM was looking for ways to improve the current model of the breast pump and make an actual prototype for the idea. While now our new task in the M&S research is simply to prove the presence of a problem in the elevation of blood pressure within adolescent girls. The deliverable in other words will have to look way differently. The way that my college and I decided to go about it was to make our deliverable the completion of the Application for Research Involving Human Subjects. This document was something that needed to be done before we started human test trials in the first place. Therefore we figured that making it our deliverable would be killing two birds with one stone.

Original Image by Monica Martinez
Original Image by Monica Martinez

The recent post “Behind the Scenes of a teacher” informs the audience of the importance of patients’ rights during clinical trials. The Application of Research Involving Human Subjects is an application that is done by all research institutions. In order to ensure the rights of the patient, as well as their willingness to participate in the research, the patient must be informed of the propose behind the research, the background information, where the experiment will take place, who are the investigators, what will be the  testing procedure, and all those extra details. It is important for you all to be aware of your rights as a patient when participating in human test subject trials! Specifically for our deliverable my coworker and I decided to only fill out till the section called Research Method, Design, and Proposed Statistical Analysis, simply because it was our plan to be done with the background information regarding the correlation between high blood pressure and stress by the time that our deliverable was due. In other words we did not have sufficient information to fill out the rest at the moment.

Original image by Sabrina Lomeli
Original image by Sabrina Lomeli

For the rest of the six weeks that we have left we hope that the Application of Research Involving Human Subjects will be fully completed. We also hope to have a chart ready that patients can fill each day before their blood pressure is taken in order to know how many assignments that happen to have due that day, or if they happen to be sick or ill. In other words factors that might contribute to the elevations of stress. Reflecting back on the recent six weeks passed, I see that as a team we have been using all of our class time to work on this new project, but I feel that we could have been slightly more efficient with our time. I think this because I see that there is yet a lot more to be done before the six weeks is over and we only have a week left! Well wish us luck in finding the effects of stress in the human body! Hope to see you again next time in M&S research!

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