Struggle to Meet! – Erika C.

Last semester when I last I blogged, I was still part of the innovating SuperNovas. After thinking it through, we thought it would be best to put a pause on our project of the hard hat, and decided to get started on different projects.

As of right now, four other girls I are working on a new project, where we will create a safety manual for our school’s brand new MakerSpace. The MakerSpace is a place for the students to work on projects, and contains tools such as a band saw, a drill press, a scroll saw, a sander, and so much more (here is an example picture!). As many of us know, these tools require special training, however, as multiple teachers use and teach in this space, every student learns a different way to “properly” use the tools.

A part of the brand new MakerSpace!
A part of the brand new MakerSpace!

My team is here to rescue this! It is quite important that every student follows the same techniques in order to avoid any injuries. For that reason, my team has been working hard with the staff to create an orientation manual! Originally, we were going to create a first-aid kit for the space (since there was no first aid kit!), but a staff member ended up buying one before we could build one. Instead, we decided to stick with our mission to create safety, and now we are creating a manual where no matter how many teachers use the MakerSpace, all teachers would teach students the same exact material.

The manual comes various topics such as the tools and how to use them, proper wear for the space, what not to wear, proper actions in case of accidents and more! Currently, it’s in the brain storm process, where we only have an outline of what we want included. We intend in meeting with the head staff member user of the MakerSpace to ask for feedback on what should and should not be included and whether we shall continue, or shall we review our outline and revise it before moving on with our next step. Unfortunately, our team is having a STRUGGLE to have a meeting! We really cannot continue with our project without the an approval of our current outline. The tricky part is finding a time where all five of us on the team can meet with the head staff member user. We haven’t really found a time that is easily accessible for all six of us. As for right now, we are currently trying to decide on formatting of our project. We have to decide how it will be delivered, and if any materials are needed.

We’re looking forward to our next step: creating the actual manual! I think it will come to great use for our community and I’m 100% sure the teachers and users of the MakerSpace would be really appreciative of our work!

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