Starting off the year strong -Kaiyla Washington

Starting this semester in bio medical engineering it has been very eventful . Our teachers gave us an opportunity to venture out and research a project this more comfortable to us. With that being said me and my partner Deanna Watson decided to venture out of our old project into a new project we are now linked up with Comfort4U. A group that is specializing in making and marketing a seat cushion that can support working individuals everywhere weather it being for school or in the workplace.
In the group Comfort4U there are three parts to it now one being the prototyping and designing team , two being the marketing team and lastly the Research and testing team. What my role in the project is making sure that all the aspects of the back is supported when sitting in a chair. Some main points that we have pinpointed in our research are the causes of back pain , strains in the back, pressure points and the Ergonomics of Sitting. Lastly the bio mechanics of a chair.


(Original image from -Getting to know Kyphosis)

To keep track with all the work that we have to put into this project we have calendar that is set for every class day. The calendar has specific things that each group member had to do and complete by the end of the class day.If it’s not completed we usually do it for homework to be prepared for the next day. This will greatly impact our project because when big deadlines start to come up we will be ready and prepared to turn things in.IMG_7352

(Original image by: Kaiyla Washington)

Starting this new semester out I was skeptical about what the next move would be for my bio medical experience .But now that things are starting to become more organized and structured I can not wait until to see the outcome of this project.

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