Sensor Ventura team!- Perez, Stephanie

Possibly what the system will look like

If you have been keeping up with our recent blogs, then you may most likely know that the SEAS team has split up. Now on good terms of course, but now Sofia and I (Stephanie) are now working on creating a sensor system for the project Ventura trailer. Just recently we turned in our first deliverable for this project. This included remove wood panels from the trailer to clear up space for the system, clean up the cuts (trim them) remove the nails and staples from them and get a sketch and location for the system. As well as collect data on the sensor system and how it will work inside of the trailer.

In doing all of this the next step for us is to order our sensors, and begin hands on sensor work and trailer clean up. The plan is to have the sensor itself will be programed on the Galileo board using programing from Arduino (Source Hardware). Along with the help of the Adafruit inscrutable site that has similar concepts which we will use as a guide to build our sensor. The specific sensor we will be implementing is the temperature and humidity sensor (AdaFruit HTU21D-F) and it will be mounted on the wall along with the Galileo board next to the living space, stove, and window. This location has optimal for testing/sensing the temperature and humidity for the trailer. The curved structure of the trailer (where the sensor will be installed) is typically where most of the moisture accumulates. It also is the optimal location for computer access to read the sensor and the data that is being tested, if the user of the trailer does not have a phone that will also be able to access the information of the sensor using open HAB (Source software).

But who knows, the design my change depending on trial and error with the sensors. We are ready for some more hands on work!

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