The Smoothie Cycle ! – LEIDY CONTRERAS

This semester we will be focusing on a brand new project. We decided that building a bath tub or just certain aspects of a bathtub would take us a very long time, and we placed a stop on that project for now. After 2 class periods and a little more,constantly looking through magazines, and other reliable sources on the internet we decided we will be making a smoothie blender with a rower and a blending machine. We will somehow connect this and add certain parts from a bicycle into this rowing machine.


By examining gears and other tools we will be coming up with a way to out these things together and get it to actually work. Some inventions like ours have already been made but something that will make ours a completely unique design will be the fact that we will have a calorie counting machine that will tell you how many calories you are burning. And also we would also like to list how many calories a simple smoothie with certain fruits has so that you have more information over these types of things. We will be using material that come from our homes, a group member is willing to contribute her bicycle into this project and another is willing to bring her blender so we can put it apart and see the different types of motors there are and gears that are inside of it so that we can compare them to the ones we have at school and come up with possible ideas of how we will be connecting all these things together. Something that we found difficult was defining how we would get a full spin from the rowing machine because when you pull forward the gears make half a spin, and when you push back the gears get back into place, but what we want and need is a full spin to give the blender that full power for it to be able to spin and produce enough force to get all the ice and fruits that will be added into the blender squished. We had to really look into that aspect. We decidedĀ that we will put things apart and integrate a wheel from a bicycle and use those things to create a full spin. Once we finish these things then we can focus on the fun part which is the decoration of our bicycle and marketing plan for the future.

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