The Building Process has Begun! – Nelly Contreras

Taken by Grecia Lopez.
Taken by Grecia Lopez.

We have started our new project The Smoothie Cycle this semester. What we want to accomplish this week is the base of our bicycle blender that we would like to create this semester. Today we learned how to use the machines provided in the Maker Space at our school, Ann Richards. Our group hasn’t used these machines in a very long time. Last time we used the saw machine and the other machines was when we were in 7th grade in our PLTW class. We were creating a bird house and of course we had to use the saw machines to cut our pieces of wood to create our bird house. Mrs. Jo was nice to give up her time to show us how the machine works and a few tips on how to be safe with using the machine. We also learned how to use the drill to screw in screws in the base that we were planning to create.

The few tips that Ms. Jo taught us wanting to add a screw into the wood we first have to make a small hole in order for it to be easier to insert it in the wood. By doing that we used the drill and a small drill bit that we would inset in order to create the small hole in the wood. To make it easier for us to make the hole, Mrs. Jo informed us that the drill bit should be turning clockwise when making a hole in the wood, this causes the drill bit to go into the wood easier and not making so much mistakes.

Taken by Yuvia Ruiz.
Taken by Yuvia Ruiz.

Another thing that Mrs. Jo taught us was that before putting the wood together with the screws we should add wood glue to make it a little much easier for drilling. This few tips that Mrs. Jo told us about made it much easier for us to put together the base that we are wanting to use for our bicycle blender. Our inspiration for our base is coming from the website, We want to make our “bicycle” blender to be stationary so if you see in the picture below having a bike roller as a base would work with our new Smoothie Cycle creation.

Inspiration for the base 

For the rest of the week we would like to finish the bike roller base that we would like to use and start creating the table were the blender will be put on. Can’t wait the see the end of this project!

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