Research is my expertise!- Deanna

During this new semester of this class, a lot was changed, and our group MOM no longer exist. We was once Pangaea, but our different interests made us shift apart. I believed this was tragic, but our group of four split in half, and on to new, big and better things!

Starting this semester, and just finishing up, was the training of CPR and first aid, which was administered by the American Heart Association. CPR and first aid is very important in the work place. If someone knows first aid, it is convenient to someone who needs first aid or CPR.  A few things I’ve learned in this course that I did not know is that if someone stops breathing, you must first always make sure the scene is clear for you and the individual. Next, call for help and for someone to bring you a AED. Thirdly, you look for signs of breathing, no more than 10 seconds. Once that is done and there is no sign of the chest rising, you may began CPR, which is administered in a sequence of 30 compression and 2 breaths, 5 times. To learn more on CPR or the course, visit the American Heart Association Website.


After the finishing of the CPR and first aid course, we decided what to do with the remainder of the year. Me and one of my partners decided we wanted to do research on the back, since ours are always hurting. I know back problems run in my family, so I wanted to know the cause of the back pain, and what I can do to prevent future damage. Since a group in our class is designing a chair that will have good ergonomics, and maintain the body to stay relax, we decided to join them as their research team. I thought this was a good idea because I’m very good at researching, and there is much to know, on how to create a good product that will benefit all with sore, or strained muscles in the body.

back pain

In our so far conducted research, me and my partner has found different diseases that are relevant to back pain, the importance of ergonomics with sitting, and posture of the back. For continued research I am still trying to find out the different pressure points of the back area, that has the most strain causing the back to hurt. If any one has an idea on that, or a respectable resource that is on the topic of our research, comment below!

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  1. This is a good topic since so many people have back pain. One thing I was wondering is, in your research, are you trying to find ways to make the chair to better fit the back, or are you just researching on what makes backs hurt? Is working with another group harder or easier for you and your partner? Is there communication between you and the new group? What is your finished product that you are looking at from this research? Since back pain is so relevant in any culture how do you expect to put the information out in the open?, this website talks about ways to sit to better support the spine.
    You have good ideas, but your grammar could use some work. Try to proofread and read aloud before posting your blog next time. Other than that I’m excited to see where your research takes you.
    -Ilana Gutierrez

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