Something Different~ Carina. C

For this semester I have decided to steer away from the original project and do something different. I decided to join Dennis and Zabdi to go about this project in a different way. As a group it was decided that we would use the research we found and incorporate it into a game that people can use to learn about Biomedical Ethics. We will be working together to code the game. There is a lot of research that goes into this project and less hands on aspect of the project. I find it beneficial to put all of the collaborative research and incorporated it into a game that can be enjoyable and user friendly for those who will play the game.

Picture from here!

The game may not necessarily be in this format but it is a good start in researching what direction we want to take in order to make the game appealing, fun to play and user friendly. Going in depth with the concept Biomedical Ethics is the next step that needs to be taken. Settling on one game type would be the next step that will be taken. Having researched all of the different games that can be made really has made this project a better experience because to me it would be a really good accomplishment to make a game that helps teach people about Biomedical Ethics.


The picture above is a brainstorm of what type of games are out there that can incorporate the teaching aspect of the project. It is difficult to discuss the over all concept without going into detail with each one, but to progress we are going to have to organize ourselves and discuss what about Biomedical Ethics is important and should be known, or what do we want to teach?

This project may seem simple at first glance but when we gathered data and saw so many directions we could go with the project, it became difficult. The aesthetics of the game is in a way important because who would want to play a game that is not visually appealing?

Collaboration and taking suggestions is also a part of making a project successful. I think a poll will be made once the group has narrowed down the game types in to the top three to see what kind of feedback we get. In getting this feedback it will help us focus on what needs to be accomplished and just move on forward.

Questions for the readers:

How is it beneficial to do something different?

What approach would you take to teach someone something in a different way?

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  1. I really like your idea of creating a game that is not only fun but teaches key aspects of biomedical ethics. I remember as a child I loved to play reading, math, and really any educational trivia game out there. I was not just gaming but I was learning along the way. I think that this will be a hit if done in the right way. If you can, like you said, make it user friendly for kids and adults I think that that will add greatly to its usability.
    In looking at your brainstorming picture I know you said that you were going to do a poll to see which set up would be best, but I think that if you can incarcerate all or just more than one of those options it would be so cool! Just think if you make the program multi levels, you can switch it up for the user and keep it interesting by changing the type of game you do. In addition to the diff games it may help with the learning process as a whole because the user will be seeing the information in multiple ways. Overall I love the idea and can’t wait to see this down the line when it’s finished!
    Here’s a link to some educational games that I like, maybe the format of these can inspire you with yours?
    -Stephanie Perez

  2. I think this is great idea maybe it could be used to help the students at our school that are interested or uninterested. However it be interesting to have the students play around with the game that could benefit them and help them understand. Not to mention maybe this could be a potential product that could benefit other students from other schools. However this could help those students that arent so hands on to become much more interested since they are usually focused on technology and dont really realize that their are other types of interested things. Overall I think this will be a great success and I look forward to trying out your game.

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