Silicone-Friend or Foe(ne)-Adina Friedman

Last week, Jessica and I went on a field trip to Harbor Freight on a mission to get some sort of silicone adhesive. While working with our LED strips we had discovered that the only thing that sticks to silicone is more silicone. This meant that we would have to get some sort of pliable silicone to attach the wires.


After researching different materials we learned that silicone caulk would work, so Jessica and I set out to buy some. As we looked through the store we found different brands and kinds of caulk. One of the things we paid attention to was the safety labels. Our final choice seemed to be the safest.



About to blast off

Surprisingly the most dangerous thing about caulk isn’t the gun.

We need some control here! (Get it? caulk gun-gun control) I'm here all week
We need some control here!
(Get it? caulk gun-gun control)
I’m here all week

The real danger is in the ingredients. Basic caulking instructions include the obvious; don’t eat it, don’t get it in your eyes or try to snort it. But it is also important to wear gloves when working with it and make sure you’re working in a ventilated area. Not so scary right?

Wrong. Depending on which brand you buy from different types of caulk have compounds that can be poisonous. “Caulking compound poisoning” is a serious condition defined as “Caulking compounds are substances used to seal cracks and holes around windows and other openings. Caulking compound poisoning occurs when someone swallows these substances.” The other warnings on the package included risks of kidney failure, liver failure, brain damage from fumes, and danger to unborn babies including risks of birth defects and stillbirth. Scary stuff.

The moral of the story: check the back of the caulk tube before you buy it.
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  1. I really commend your team in doing further research on the types of silicone adhesive you could possibly have used as one of your materials. You guys did something that was extremely important, and that was looking at the safety labels. Whenever working with any dangerous substances, one should take certain precautions to ensure our safety, and I think y’all did just that. And I believe y’all’s great observance on how you all should handle the caulk silicone could better help you to prevent any potential hazards. So once again I applaud you for that. At least we know the best procedures on how to handle a situation if anything hazardous were to have happened, right?
    P.s. caulk gun control!! Haha y’all got me there!
    Claudia V.

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