You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen. Ghernandez

The quote above by Michelle Obama is my title because it reminds me of my team and all we’ve been through, and basically how we have shaped our decision making and what we will be doing for this class project. It has been extremely difficult for all of us to be in agreement for what we will be doing since we were conflicted in doing something new and different or something we thought we’d be comfortable doing. The pressure of having to be original made it all extra complicated. We had two ideas one of creating a beanie that will be lit up with brainwaves and then the one of teaching the eight graders of DNA by extracting it from strawberries and creating necklaces (the necklaces will be our object to present at the makers fair and the posters we’ll create for them.)
When we began brainstorming we thought of the project we did our eight or freshman year where we learning about DNA and in order to comprehend we extracted DNA from a strawberry. This lab we (my team) all agreed was so much fun and we even got to make necklaces. So we decided to go for it and we created our calendar. We looked up various ideas and found many Instructions online that we found very useful to begin drafting ideas.
Except the next class we really thought of how we wanted to be original and unique and still not be completely stressed. So we looked into making the special Beanie which we believed could be used when going out for a run so that security is assured but the more we gave it thought the more we knew we had to change. We found the instructions on how to make the beanies and all we had to do was add something different. After speaking to Ms. Miesner I thought of adding sensors and measure heart rate and switching the beanie to a headband, because no one runs with a beanie on. But the question of where we would send the data came up. We all suddenly felt like we were back to creating our “hero blanket” which we weren’t successful at so this was a sign for us. Today in class we decided to go back to our original idea of the eight grade module with some new details.

What we will be doing is that we will be creating a poster with the instructions and some drawings to make it easier for the eight graders to follow along and for them to keep and repeat the project at home. We will be creating a background information presentation, a quiz on their knowledge on DNA will be given before and after our presentation which will determine how well we did. We are so thrilled because we know that we will actually be enjoying our time in this module and will give this project our 110%

Original image by GHernandez
Original image by GHernandez

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