No More Experiencing Pain While Typing-JYaqoob

Experiencing pain while typing? With cushioned keyboard there will be no more pain on the wrist while typing. JYaqoob is working alone to design a cushion for keyboard that has balls like in massage chair to help release the pressure on the wrist. The name of the company is J SPA, J from the first letter of the inventor and SPA for proving comfort because the balls that will be used to make the keyboard cushion will be from the same balls as have been used in massage chair.

Currently I am writing a research paper about the side effects of typing, in the research paper, I included research about repetitive stress injures and carpal tunnel syndrome. I have included some summary of my research paper in below explaining more about how using typing can make repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome over time.

Original Photo-JYaqoob
Original Photo-JYaqoob

Many people are typing instead of writing and that’s due to time consumption and comfort, however those who are using typing in their daily life are now facing pain on their wrist due to wrong typing postures. The right postures fr typing is having the wrist on the same line as the keyboard. According to United States Department of Labor, if the wrist was lower than the keyboard they it would bend the wrist and causes pressure on the wrist, while many people would think if the wrist was higher than the keyboard it wouldn’t put pressure on the wrist but that’s a wrong fact. According to Healthy Typing, lifting the wrist high breaks the alignment of the hand and arm, causes fatigue, and makes it hard to type.

Even though doing the right posture of typing can be tiring sometimes, many people tend to perform the wrong postures because it’s easy for them. With having a cushion and balls on the keyboard will help them. The balls will be inside the cushions that will give a message to the wrist. and the cushion itself can be attached to any keyboard to make it easy on people to carry and take them anywhere.

Throughout this semester, the first six weeks, I will keep researching the side effects on wrong typing postures and repetitive stress injures, and carpal tunnel syndrome and keyboard wrist rest effects, for the second six weeks, I will start ordering materials and making the design.

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  1. I like how unique this is because I personally never would have thought about this and this is something that people go through everyday. What will the balls actually be made of? I know you stated that they will be like a massaging chair so will they vibrate or just provide comfort when you have your wrist a certain way? I also like how you’re going in depth to find out more about this problem to help fix this problem as everything is becoming more technology based.-R.Carter

  2. This is a great post JYaqoob! This is something that not a lot of people think about that could cause damage, but this is great! I think providing cushion for the rest would also help elevate the wrists. There’s a lot of great items out there that provide wrist support when it comes to the keyboard, but maybe the same thing can be done about the mouse as well. Also, it’s not really “advertised” that we who everyday use the keyboard on a computer need wrist support, so maybe try researching into why it isn’t seen as an overall important thing? Besides that, this would be really beneficial, specially to those who work in the technology industry and spend seven to eight hours a day working and typing. – E. Carbajal

  3. Before reading your post Jakleen, I was not aware of the in proper posture that I use to type. I haven’t had any wrist injuries before, the only pain that I feel while typing is back pain but that is about it. I did some research on products that have been made in an effort to reduce wrist pain and injuries and I found several products. One of the products that I came across was a mouse pad with a sort of padding. I do not like using these because they don’t help relieve the pain, it actually causes discomfort. I also came across a gel pad that was ergonomically made to combat this issue, the link is The gel pads come in different colors and are fairly cheap, ranging from $1-3, You are heading in a different direction, making a pad that includes round balls that will be massaging the wrists while an individual is typing. But I am wondering whether if your design will distract the individual. I like the direction you’re going and congratulate you for taking on this project on your own.The last question I have for you is if you will make a type of support for laptop keyboards as well, or are you just focusing on working on support for desktop keyboards.
    -Dayanne A.

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