First Aid and CPR- Jennifer Martinez

Since this semester started, we have been focusing on coming up with ideas for new projects we would like to embark on or continuing to work on our last semester’s project. Also a big part of this six weeks was getting our First Aid and CPR training along with getting certified for the training.


The engineering and biomedical classes were able to take take training classes in order to learn how to properly practice doing CPR and also learn how to use a first aid kit during an emergency. According to the classes we as a class took, CPR is very important in order to prevent someone from dying and to provide blood circulation through the body and air into the lungs. The way to practice proper and a more effective CPR performance, you need to give thirty compression to the chest and two breaths (mouth to mouth resuscitation) to the unconscious person, and repeat five sets of each. To make the CPR more effective, one should use what is called an AED. An AED is used to send electric shocks to a person’s body in order to help them gain consciousness and to wake up the body. When one is about to start performing CPR, they have to make sure the scene is safe, ask someone to call 911 and get the AED, and then start performing CPR. Other things that we learned while at the CPR training classes was that CPR is performed different based on the age of a person. To an adult, one should use two hand for compression’s and push down two inches. For a young child, one should only use one hand but in other instances one could also use two hand and press down around one and a half to two inches down. To an infant, one should use only two fingers when pressing on the chest. What I learned from this training was that even though it was funny performing CPR to a manikin, it was helpful to know how to perform accurate CPR to different age groups and it makes you feel like if there was an incident when CPR was needed, you could be the one to save someone’s life. It is also good to know CPR for many job professions especially for teenagers who want to get a summer job as life guards, they would need to learn how perform CPR in case anyone chokes from water swallowed accidentally. Overall, this course was interesting in the way that there are multiple ways to prevent deaths and serious injuries from occurring and also it was good to know that we will be certified if passing the final exam.

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  1. Personally I enjoyed doing CPR and first aid. It was something that i was never exposed to. I never knew that the AED was a thing that people who weren’t EMT’s could use. That personally surprised me. I agree with you when you said that the course was interesting, because a lot of the things that we learned in the course were things that I never would of known without taking the course. And some of the things in the video, I feel like the Bio-med girls would of known but it was still a great experience.
    Gabriela Ornelas

  2. I think the AED is more for re starting the heart. It’s a little portable defibrillator to revive people from the dead, and give the medics more time to arrive. Also, don’t forget about the choking infant procedure (backs laps to beat out the object)~ Good summary of the CPR though. But how many of us are actually confident enough to take charge and do the CPR in an emergency, ignoring our own panic? – Zane Trevino

  3. I think that by taking the CPR certification class that it was helpful experience in case I would like to work as a lifeguard over the summer before college. I have four younger siblings and two of the four are younger than four years of age. I think that you are right that it is important to know how to perform CPR in case there is an emergency. Neither of my parents are certified in CPR or first aid, so being the adult in the family with their certification makes me a lot more trust worthy when baby sitting. I liked learning about CPR and how to perform first aid because I have a job and even if you do not think anything bad can happen, it is important for at least one person on the job site to be certified. -Brianna Cruz

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