First Aid-Ana F.

The Makers Space is in need of a first aid kit. Although it has lots of power tools and hazards around the space that can cause some serious injury, it lacks one. So we, myself and four other girls, took it upon ourselves to create one that not only provides the tools necessary for all types of emergencies, and instructions to use them, but also natural options for those who wish to use natural medicines. Since our school is about a healthy and well balanced lifestyle, we feel that having these natural options will benefit the students who use the Makers Space. kitsThis is the design we were thinking about for the first aid kit. The instructions will be on the sides in corresponding compartments with correct and easy labels for the 6th graders to understand. The center would be split in half so the natural remedies were on one side and the normal medical remedies were on the other side. We do plan on creating picture labels. We have found some really cool designs for first aid kits. Here are a few links to them. They seem like great options and would be fun to create if we could.

So our plan was to create a first aid kit, unfortunately, one was recently purchased without our knowledge. We are not entirely sure as to what we can create for the Makers Space at this point. We have some ideas for a wooden version with more detailed instructions that the 6th graders can understand. Although, if we are to do that, we were told that we would have to create it to the same dimensions as the one that already exists and in the same format.


We are going to meet with the designer of the Makers Space in order to discuss some ideas for possible designs or additions to the already existing first aid kit. We are also considering moving the first aid kit to a safer location away from tools that can lead to a hazard. Perhaps creating a second first aid kit would also benefit the Makers Space. Right now, we have little ideas as to what we can create but we are still interested in this project and will think of something in time for the Makers Space Fair. If you can think of any ideas, please leave that in the comment box. Any idea will help us out and we are currently open for anything right now.

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  1. I love the idea and design of the first aid kit that was created by Sheng-Hung Lee and Yu-Lin Chen from the link you provided us with, and I was thinking that maybe you should create another first aid kit for the Maker Space that is packed with more materials that are used for a specific occasion. While I was reading your blog, I was wondering why is it that if you do create another first aid kit, why does it have to mimic the same dimensions as the other first aid kit? There are many things that one should consider putting in a first aid kit, here is some information and a list of the American Red Cross’ list of what should be considered to put in a first aid kit ( I think your idea of creating a specific first aid kit for when dealing with wood materials is a fantastic idea, you should consider proceeding with that idea. – Jennifer Martinez

  2. I’m sorry your plan didn’t go through 😦 But I have an idea! I haven’t really been to the maker space yet but I don’t think they have an eyewash station. (You might want to check) Well you and your group can create an eye wash station in the maker space or you can even redesign the one we have in the chemistry lab already so that it uses less water or that its more effective etc. Another thing you can do which may not apply to this project but just something you could do to ensure everyone’s safety is that you can create videos that show the students how to use each too correctly.

    I think it would also be cool to make a first aid kit with things that you think you need like we did in stars. You could add scissors or safety pins or clothes pins. Just an emergency kit that students need because they’re always looking for something but we can never find.

    -Amanda Campos

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