A Dream Team Reformed -Sabrina Lomeli

downloadWell as much as it saddens me to say this the dream team has disbanded temporarily … yes I do mean that M.O.M. is temporarily putting their dream on hold in order to pursue other areas in which we feel may better benefit each of us individually. Currently as it stands our team has been cut in half, two seeking to try to benefit another team that was in need of researchers and two who have now formed S&M Research.

“S&M” standing for download (1)Sabrina & Monica. A new team that is dedicated to proving that there are problems going on within different fields that need to be solved. Our job is to do that first step of proving that their is actually a problem present that needs to be solved. To do this we must conduct research on areas that have already done some type of basic analysis of this problem and then try to pinpoint it to a specific cause for certain groups of people. For now we are trying to focus on stress and the effects it has on adolescent girls. We chose this for our first point of research because as adolescent girls we have gone through much stress from school and our work load and we hope that by proving that there is a problem present we can get it fixed.

depositphotos_13983725-Cartoon-Girl-with-Big-BackpackGoing into this new idea we realized that there are allot of factors that go into stress and that stress causes. Though this research has been done before we also noticed that it has yet to be pin pointed on young adolescent girls. Specifically the correlation between stress and work load. To acomplish this we much research a variety of information before doing any type of test. Information like, heart rate information (normal heart rate and heart rate when exposed to stress), health effects of stress (both physical and mental), along with the bio-medical explanation of the problem ( what hormones are released when exposed to high levels of stress, the impact in neurons and the electrical signals of the heart). All of these things will help up show that stress is an issue and the test we preform will help us expose that it is currently an issue for adolescent girls.

I truly hope that through this research and once we expose the presence of this problem, that we can fix it for future young girls every where.

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  1. Scarlet; Savannah Pena: Stress for adolescent girls, especially at this school is on a totally different level than for most girls. Studying further into the field of stress is going to be beneficial to controlling our moods and time. By reducing stress I believe we would all be happier. I’m looking forward to seeing what your new project has in store for us. Creating a project based on stress you can involve not only yourself but others who are interested as well. I need some of my stress reduced myself.

  2. There are a lot of different ways to look into stress and it is something that we can relate to in going to this school. Reducing stress will have its benefits and will have a positive outcome. I never really took into consideration the way that stress affects different type of people and how each person deals with stress differently. I think it will be interesting to see all of the different data that is available out there and seeing how the group as a whole incorporates it into something that could benefit people.
    ~Carina. C

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