A New Beginning- Gutierrez. I

This semester started off different than last semester. We started CPR and First Aid certification. It’s great to get to learn something that will be helpful in the future. The first step was CPR, we got into groups and all watched a video and learned the steps to CPR: 1) make sure the scene is safe 2) check if the person is responsive 3) call for help and get an AED 4) check for breath for 5-10 secs 5) start CPR. We learned the difference between adult CPR and child CPR, along with what’s the best position to be in for the CPR to be effective.

Next came first aid, and there are a number of things that land under first aid, from cuts to insect bites. And it’s great to learn best the best way to treat certain injuries. Like a burn, run the burn area under cold water, do not put ice on the burn that causes more damage. There were so many tips it was hard to keep up. This is an experience that everyone can definitely benefit from. The more everyone knows, the more safe the community is. It’s always important to know where the first aid kit is and to put back anything that you have used. But most importantly, never use CPR or first aid if you don’t know how to.

CPR and First Aid are very useful. It takes a long time to learn everything but it’s all worth it for the safety of friends, family, coworkers, even strangers. It’s important to get proper training so that you don’t hurt the person more. Never do anything that you are not trained on but always try to be useful.

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