Mothers Do Matter- Vera, Campos, Ornelas (Cruz)

Recently Amanda and I have been working on perfecting our g

The engineers celebrating their finished Google Sketch Up breast pumps!
The engineers celebrating their finished Google Sketch Up breast pumps!
watching Amanda's family put up their Christmas tree, while downloading Google Sketch Up.
watching Amanda’s family put up their Christmas tree, while downloading Google Sketch Up.

le sketch up. The engineering and biomedical girls have split up during class time. It is easier to focus on one task at a time if the group meets at the beginning of the class period. Mothers Do Matter has been having some communication issues lately due to sleeping in or prior appointments. We are really trying to work on at least texting one person in the group, which is usually the team leader Dennis if a team member knows that she will not be at school at 9:15 to participate in the beginning of class meeting. If a team member happens to sleep in, then the first thing they should do is call a group member.

Google Sketch Up:

Amanda and I have been on a race with time due to the fact that the team cannot start building the breast pump without the blue prints. The engineers have downloaded the Google Sketch Up app on their laptops and had a sleepover dedicated to finishing the breast pump. The engineers spent about two and a half solid hours on finishing their sketches. I think that working one on one with my fellow engineering team member is nice because we are able to tune out any of the other team problems and focus on what engineering aspects need to get done. The hardest part of working on the google sketch up is still navigating through the program. It is hard to make organic or curved shapes on google sketch up, but working with Amanda has helped us learn more from each other.

Group Meeting:

A recap on the last meeting would be that we spoke on the materials. Dennis was afraid that Gaby forgot to order good bottles. Mothers Do Matter wanted to test the breast pump on some of the best brands out there. Gaby’s job was to put in the order shipment and she ordered the wrong bottles. I work at Target and agreed to take one for the team and buy a pack of Medela bottles to test the pumping process Amanda planned for in her design. Amanda and I spoke on new ideas that were brought up while working on google sketch up. I decided that it would be in our greatest interest for the tubes to go right through the bottles, similar to a Camelbak water bottle.


The team knows that the nipples of the Medela bottles are known for being soft enough for babies to drink out of comfortably. The team also came to the conclusion when looking at all the materials and deciding if the plan was going to work out now that everything had finally arrived to the school. The nipples are made of silicon and have to be handled gently. The team wanted to use a hot glue gun to keep the tubing still when the milk came down from the nipple shields to the bottles. The engineers did research on silicon and what could stick to it and the team found that Gorilla Glue sticks to silicon and it also affordable as well.


This semester with Mothers Do Matter has been great and I have grown so much closer to all of the individuals in my team inside and outside of class. The team hopes to give a good presentation on the final day. Last but not least we wish our fans a HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

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