Working up a Master Plan- Savannah Pena

The semester presentation plan wasn’t finished as fast as we hoped it would be, so in order to make up for it we had to make some minor adjustments to our presentation. Putting our design on AutoCad was definitely challenging and took way longer to make a part than we anticipated. As a executive decision we planned to do a scale model of it out of wooden sticks, hot glue, and cardboard just in case. The original plan was to 3-D print our model to show the professional judges, but the process to sign up to print was really extensive. Karina’s Design is the end product we as a team want to accomplish. Which includes the extra cushion around the neck area, the dinosaur head. The model our team tried to create was going to be a simplified version of the actual wheelchair we acquired and  then we were going to go into detail what we were hoping to do with it in the future. From the effects of the adjustments we envisioned, to the bio-medical aspects of each characteristic.

The next after complementing the final 3-D model or figurine is to build it. Our ideas are in the right place and so is the determination, but by creating an actual hint of a final product and that requires testing that product with people, children in our case, who wouldn’t mind being evaluated. The overall satisfaction of the costumer must mesh with the standards. Our goal is to make it as fun for the child as possible, but we also want the seat to be safe and do it’s actual job and support the child. There have been instances where we’ve had to specifically change something fun in order to make it fit within the safety standards.

At one point or another there have been different times where we have all worked with each other and we all know how we work and get things done, but this project is different in the sense that it brings different skills out of us, individually, and as a group. The bio-medical aspects are for the costumers needs and their health. This project didn’t seem like it would to hard to do and plan out step-by-step, but it is.  Our team is well rounded enough to be flexible and work on different parts if needed. We have high hopes for the future.










Scale model of our wheelchair sketched our transformed into a cardboard version.

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