Starting Back at the beginning. R. Villescaz

Hello! Finals are just around the corner, yay school!! Well this is going to be my last blog post of 2014! It’s been a mighty fine time here in 2014!

Well I just wanted to talk about where we are in the process of our project. We ran into a big issue for the child seat alarm. There are too many products like the one we were designing out there. So only three weeks before the end of the first semester, we scrapped baby beeper. But if you were curious, this is what I was working on.


So, we were very sad to see our hard work go. But, since we had already purchased wiring and I have my galileo board, we had to stay in the area with programming. It was an interesting process to think of a new product with the restraints. We had to quickly find something, so we couldn’t use all the wonderful brainstorming tools that we used before, such as the min map and the sketch activity. So we went to a very awesome teacher, Ms. McCrady.

We spent time staring at eachother in her room, thinking of any possible idea. I personally wanted to do something with HIV/AIDS but there isn’t a technology made with that sophisticated test. She gave us an idea for children with ADHD who can’t focus, who need a little reminder to stay on task. We all really liked this idea so when we returned to the classroom, we started researching some kind of hearing aid that is specifically for the ADHD. There has not been any patents or signs of this so we were in the clear.

In the past week or so, we have researched and but together a new company and product. We wanted to have a really small device for the ear that will not distract the person anymore than they already get, and not only used by children with ADHD, but adults too. The way it works is that if the client is not looking down and is looking around, there will be a small vibration to remind them to stay focused; out product is therefore named Pivot. We did not want to creat the traditional large, bulky hearing aid but something more like this,



We are absolutely excited to present this on Wednesday, and I am sure someone will let you know about it! Happy Holidays

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