Almost there !! -Kaiyla Washington

To wrap up this weeks project M.O.M has been trying to pull everything together and for the most part I believe we are ready for our presentation on Wednesday morning. This project has been a great learning experience for all the members of M.O.M group members.

Some important aspects that we had to cover before our project was over was to make sure that our 3-D modeling was complete since as a team we decided that trying to make a  working prototype wouldn’t be fit with the time period and budget that we had received. But I believe that the obstacles that we had to go through to finish our project truly helped to prepare us for the future working  world.

One thing that we have to work in is getting our prototype printed on the 3-D printer once that is completed we will have that to show to the board that we are presenting to. Thanks to Sabrina to completing our 3-D model on Auto-cad so that we could be able to pull this project together . There are two parts of our breast pump we will have to  print the breast shield that connects to the mothers breast and also the actual pump that includes the motor and the milk storage and consist of the power capabilities .Now all that needs to be completed are the 3-D models isometric views and dimensions to show the actual scale of M.O.Ms breast pump.  Once it is printed we will be able to put it all together and our master piece as I like to call it will be perfect.


Orginal Screen Shot by Kaiyla Washington
Original Screen Shot by Kaiyla Washington


Original Screenshot By: Kaiya Washington
Original Screenshot By: Kaiya Washington


One day that was real beneficial to our group  , as when we were peer reviewed  by our peers of another team so that we can get first hand practice for our presentation coming up. Since we had never practiced our presentation, this was a great way to find the tweaks that needed to be fixed before our big presentation . We just need to practice more and print our 3D model  and then we will be ready for the presentation day.


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