Taking the Next Steps By Yuvia Ruiz


This week has been great success personally I believe our group has accomplished and establish ground of what our next steps will be. Although we haven’t exactly started our prototype do to material delays we seem to have everything under control. As the team leader I don’t believe we should be stressing out and that we are in the right track.

Photo Credit to Jakleen Yaqoob

Over this past week we been working on our presentation we actually had our first practice presentation on Thursday which we received great feedback from the M.O.M where we learned all about breast pumping and it’s harm to the baby mother and baby. Although most of the feedback was positive we did discover that we needed to practice before our final presentation to the panel of judges. Not only because we need to make sure who is speaking about what, but to prevent chaos as we present and be able to have a smooth presentation. After we presented our group met to act upon the suggestions given to us, we arranged a time to meet and assigned once again roles for the presentation and suggested that we have flashcards to prevent us from reading off the power point. However as we concluded our discussion we also congratulated one another for keeping the presentation short but informative, since Ms.Miesner had mention that many of the groups needed to work on trying to avoid having long paragraphs in the power point. We thanked our fellow team member Grecia Lopez for taking the role in trying to type up our presentation in a short bullet format.

handle sketchup
Photo Credit to Yuvia Ruiz

Furthermore I am proud of my groups work and progress, although we all had individual parts everyone seems to know whats going on. And I give each one of them a pat in the back for communicating one another when taking decisions, I think it’s one of the things that separates us from the other teams. Now although we been doing great job we did realize it be a good Idea to present the judges with some sort of closer detail visual for them to judge the product. Which I actually started that same day , I must say though it was surprisingly hard. But after some trial an error I finally figure out how to form the shape. As you can view in the side it is a flower like design, but we discover that it would provide the customer with a tighter grip for them to hold on. As the week is concluding I wish every group good luck and I my group and I are excited and prepared to take the next steps into this long journey.

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