Almost there!!! by Gabriela Ornelas

Dear amazing blog readers,

We are almost done! Mother’s do Matter, is almost close to the end. Our products have come in, wind-up toy, tubes, nipple shields, and holster has arrived, and we are ready to build. When we received our wind up toy the number one thing that stood out, was if the wind up was going to be strong enough to squeeze out the milk from the breast? From talking with our teachers and between our company we decided that the windup toy was not going to be strong enough. Of course we panicked, we knew that our new electric motor was not going to arrive in time. Luckily, our teacher informed us that at the end of the semester (about a week) we would not need to have our complete prototype made, but that we could have a miniature form of a prototype or we could create a prototype made out of paper but still showing the invention in an appropriate way. This information was helpful, but Mother’s do Matter was still stressed because we needed to find an entirely new motor. And also we needed to find a motor that had as little sound as possible, because that was one of the customer needs that we needed to meet.

Our company is pretty excited that we are inventing something that has the possibility to be used. Our impression in the beginning of the school year was that we were not going to be able to build a breast pump. I personally thought that it would not be possible. And of course we have had our road blocks, but our company can truly see light at the end of the tunnel. It feels good saying that, because it makes us realize that with hard work, and research we can truly make and improve a product.

Another thing that Mother’s do Matter is pretty excited about is testing our product. After we build it, we want to make sure that our product works. By doing tests we will be able to improve our product. Some say that you can never stop improving what you have created; and this is true. But Mother’s do Matter wants to create a product that isn’t perfect, but works well enough to where the product is safe, dependable, and affordable. Can’t wait to inform you next semester about our product, and our testing trials!

Until then,

Mother’s do Matter

Team member, Gabriela, hard at work trying to find a new motor for our breast pump.
Team member, Gabriela, hard at work trying to find a new motor for our breast pump.

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