Watch out Hestia, BUMPS AHEAD!- Dayanne Acosta

This photo was taken by Dayanne A.. Lourdes is diligently sewing part of the blanket.
This photo was taken by Dayanne A.. Lourdes is diligently sewing part of the blanket.

Hestia during the past weeks have overcome and gotten over bumps on the road. Since our materials had not been delivered to our school yet, as a group we began to build our prototype out of the extra materials that Ms.Miesner had provided for us to use from previous design projects. Through looking at the available materials we found blue fabric fleece (thicker than the one that we had ordered). This fabric was perfect for making our prototype because fleece is the fabric that we will be using in our design, since this type of blanket will not only provide comfort for the baby but would also work well with the straps. We began to “experiment” with the fabric to figure out how the actual blanket would look like, and after a couple of minutes we came to the conclusion that our team was not on the same page on what the physical appearance of the blanket and how it was going to function.

Georgia and I had a similar design in mind, however Lourdes and Nissa had a different idea. Everybody was in different pages, and this meant that Hestia was in need of having a group meeting, and ASAP. During our meeting we decided that the blanket was going to incorporate lullabies. About a week ago, Ms. Miesner handed us an article in which it explained how lullabies help stabilize the heart rate of a baby, and also help the infants feel at peace. The device that produces the lullabies would be inserted in the neck support.

This is a photo taken by Dayanne Acosta, where Georgia is experimenting with the fleece fabric.
This is a photo taken by Dayanne Acosta where Georgia is found experimenting with the fleece fabric.

A class period after we began to play around with the materials  we were told by one of our teachers that the fabric that we had ordered from Hancock Fabrics will not be delivered to us. Hancock Fabrics is right across the street from our school  which is why our team about three weeks ago had planned on taking a field trip to the fabric store. We wanted to go buy the material on our own time because we wanted to start making the blanket, and we wanted to be able to look at the different blanket fabrics that could be a potential.  Since it would be harder for us to get refunded for the taxes and the money, our teacher convinced us to order our materials online with the rest of our class. Our team at this moment regrets not buying the fabric a couple of weeks ago, even if it meant that the money being spent on the materials would be coming out of our pockets.

One of the problems that we came across when making the prototype was that nobody in our team knew how to sew. In our school’s library sewing machines are available however we needed to be given training prior to using the machines. Instead of using the sewing machines, we decided to sew the blanket by hand, which was fairly easy, while at the same time complicated.

Our plan right now is to finish up the prototype with the materials that are available to us for the day of the presentation. We will go out and buy the materials once we come back from winter break, so we can began to make our actual blanket.



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