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From trying to design and create an alarm system for children in left in cars, our group came to the realization that this idea has been innovated too many things for us to actually innovate. With us being so far along, our group came together once again to try coming up with a new idea. However, the problem with this is that our group had already ordered wires for the Galileo board.

Galileo Board
Galileo Board






With this in mind, and after asking a previous teacher, our group decided to design a device that could help people with ADHD. ADHD is something that affects everyone, however it can affect kids more when having to go to school and concentrate on the material that is being taught. As of 2011, 6.4 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and this number is steady increasing as the number being diagnosed a year is increasing as well.

Child refusing to take the required medicine.
Child refusing to take the required medicine.






The idea our group had was similar to a hearing aid that would be discreet, as to where no one can see it, and it would vibrate once the child was moving too much or not focusing. Most kids do not like to take any form of medicine, especially pills that have to be taken daily. So, instead of the children having to take pills, the vibration would let the child know that they need to get back on task. This product is also beneficial for adults too, because ADHD is something that people with throughout their lives. This could be useful for adults who do not want people in their work field that they have to take medications.

With this in mind our group will move forward on possibly obtaining more interviews, more research on the ear as this is where the device would be placed and the research on frequencies and how each person will hear a different frequency.

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