First Semester Reflection- Martinez J (JIA Seats)

These past weeks we have been working on preparing for our midterm presentation. Me personally, I have been working on creating a three dementia all representation on how our product might end up looking in the end on Google Sketch up. I might have already have talked about this in my last blog post but I have still continued working on this part of the project. Some exciting things have happened these past couple of week though. One of them was that we got our arrival of our prototype car seat which we will be making adjustments to and testing on it in order to create our finalized model. Another thing that happened was that I got to make some amazing and better adjustments to the Google Sketch Up model that I have been working on. At first I thought I had liked the way the model looked but I had noticed that the model didn’t look realistic or close to what we wanted our design to look like. So I worked hard to get as much accuracy as possible and in the end, I was proud of the achievements I had accomplished so far and it was also good to hear from my teammates that they liked my 3D design as well.


Basically this is what we did these past weeks, I worked on the 3D model, my teammates worked on making some improvements to our design proposal, and we have worked together on the presentation for the midterm. For me, it was cool to get back in the Engineering mode and use Google Sketch Up again. I remember using sketch up in tenth grade so it was a challenge to get back in the mode of knowing how to use this program, but overall I enjoyed getting to catch up on previous skills I use to use. One thing that we will be focusing on Thursday is preparing for the presentation and also adjusting our prototype to explain to the panel what our product design will look like and what our plans are for the future. Since this first semester is coming to a close, I thought I would write a small reflection over it and also what are my next semester plans. This past semester it was awesome to know that I had an amazing team with the same common interests and that we can come together to work on making a better product design. What I am looking forward to next semester when we can start actually building and making changes to our prototype sample. Also during this winter break I will focus on finishing my OSHA training which I have been putting aside for a while now.

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