A Family that Build Together Stays Together- Sabrina Lomeli

Well these past few days have been very hectic for team M.O.M. With ordering our material and trying to scramble to put together a prototype for our design. With the ordering and the budget in mind we found it hard to almost impossible to built even a non-working prototype of our design, and our group as a whole agreed that we do not want to compromise the functions of  the pump just to make sure that it works in some way, because to us its important to make sure that even if we don’t get to make a fully functional product we stay devoted to our original principles and our mission statement of HELPING our clients, not giving them a product that does not work for them.

3d-printer-v.5.5-airwolf3d1That’s why we were relieved when we were told that a prototype does not necessarily have to be made, but instead a proof of concept that shows that our idea is possible and that we understand how to build this pump. Its because of this that we decided to build a 3D model of our breast pump that is made to size. By 3D model I mean that the lovely engineering experts will be creating each individual piece of the breast pump online (and yes I mean EVERY PIECE) through a program called AutoCad. Once each piece is built we will be using a 3D printer to create each piece. Then we will be putting together each piece to have a life size model of our concept. This is supper cool because I have never been able to 3D print any of my designs before so I’m hoping that our AutoCad designs are done correctly to be able to 3D print a beautiful model.

http://airwolf3d.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/3d-printer-v.5.5-airwolf3d1.jpg (image link)

Though its very exciting to be able to a 3D printed model of our design I am slightly disappointed that we did not have all the material that was needed to build a functional hands free fully portable breast pump. Especial because our team has been working so hard to be able to have this concept be made a reality. As a whole we have been like a new little family that, yes we have had our up and downs, both with each other individually and with our project, but in the end we all come together and work hard to make something amazing. Through all the mess and stress were just a silly little group. Till next time ^w^ ..

20141205_101739(taken by Sabrina Lomeli, your humble post wrighter)


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