Work But No Materials – Savannah Ojeda

SuperNovas is in the building process of their prototype however the parts that we have ordered still have yet to arrive. We have completed the presentation that will be shown on the day of our presentations. Idalis has been working hard with the sketch of the hard hat.

We have decided to attach a cloth to the back of the helmet to prevent sunburn to the neck, as well as padding to add extra cushion for the head if a falling object strikes the hard hat. There will also be a heat sensor placed in the front of the helmet to notify the individual when it’s too hot outside and need to go to cooler hair before they pass out or over heat. We have also been researching about the safety hard hat requirements to make sure we follow regulation.

Idalis is working on the hard hat design on a program to piece it all together.
Idalis is working on the hard hat design on a program to piece it all together.

As a group we thought these were well thought out ideas for our hard hat due to the money situation and the budget we have to work with. During our evaluation and check up with our teachers, they brought to our attention that we should add more to the prototype. Some suggestions that the teachers made was to add more sensors. However we talked as a team and were questioning how we could add all of these new things with a small budget.

As a team we hope to accommodate the new suggestions,  however it’s a little difficult with the money situation and because of research purposes. There is testing being done about how the brain and how the heat can affect it; however this is hard to find because hired scientist are running labs on this and have not shared the information.

Although it would be good to add all of these sensors such as, pressure sensor, dehydration, and heat  sensor, this would cause the hard hat to be bulky and make it heavier than what it should be.  The point of a hard hat is to protect the head not the bulge out all over the place. I think it’s best to take it one step at a time with adding sensors. I think this process is realistic because we want the sensors and everything on the helmet to work properly rather than throwing everything on it and hoping it works.

Ana is researching and taking notes about sensors.
Ana is researching and taking notes about     sensors.

Keep posted to see when we begin building our prototype.

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