Where did our stuff go? By: Maria Flores

We have began creating our 3D model but we can’t go all the way due to late delivery of materials. This week all of the groups have been anxious about getting their materials delivered to them in order to start tinkering. As one of the groups that haven’t gotten all the materials necessary to start the project I can honestly say that even though we do have a presentation do at the end of next week there isn’t that much to do because maybe like 50% of the presentation is about the actual model. What my group and I did last week was just think on how we were actually going to build the surgical mask. Because we did get the 50 mask box that we order we just played around on how the mask was going to look like. Immediately when one of our group mate tried it on we noticed that the mask didn’t completely cover the face, it had hole next to the nose and on the bottom of the chin, and it wasn’t comfortable at all so we just went from there to figure out how and what we were going to use the fabric, belt straps and elastic for.

Tinkering with what we have.
Tinkering with what we have.
Tinkering with what we have.
Tinkering with what we have.

When discussing on how to fix the mask we noticed that not all of our group members were on the same page. One of our group member found an image on how she kind of wanted the mask to look like which was nothing like my group members or I thought it was going to be like. Our idea of the mask was to use the mask mold that we order to make the actual shape and go from there on but the idea from our other teammate was to just make the mask out of scratch using all of the fabric and go from there on. When we fixed the problem with miscommunication we noticed that we had another problem, the exhalation valves. When designing the mask we never stopped to think about the prices, actual measurement or if we actually needed it. When ordering the materials needed we noticed that we still needed the little “circles” that were designing the mask.When looking for them we ran into the issue that one, they were expensive! and two, they were a little too big for the mask size that we had already agreed upon. After running into this we all stopped to think if all that we included to our mask was something that we wanted or actually needed.

Some valves may work but the price is out of our budget.
Some valves may work but the price is out of our budget.

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