Upcoming presentation -Brittany H.

We have what we need on the bio-medical side, now all that’s left for us to finish our slides for our presentation and to create our prototype. For us to have evidence supporting why we need these modifications to the wheelchair are important to persuade others to believe that this is a necessary step. Our engineers are hard at work with Autocad and gathering final measurements on the wheelchair. We’re well on track with our goals and our personal schedule.

Though we hope that our 3-D printing material comes in by the time the prototype is done, other groups have received their materials and it’s exciting to see that we’re so close to creating a physical model of our design. We’ve remade our logo to be cleaner than our last for our presentation. Though we have limited time for our presentation we’re going to do our best to fill up the time with a memorable experience for the panel. What kind of questions would you have about our project if you were to talk to us? This is probably one of our most difficult hurdles because we don’t have an outside point of view who would see the gaps in our project compared to us.

The upcoming presentation we’re having will have a slide show consisting of our objective, the problem, inspiration, evidence, design, prototype, and our future plans to complete a functioning design. If we have enough time, perhaps we could ask for advice for our future plans to be set in stone. Having people with connections is important and sometimes we need to borrow those connections.  The final product will be important to many because it will be a lot more cost effective than most wheel chairs and for people to have one that would grow with the child (being adjustable) is something that normally is very expensive.

As soon as we’re done with our presentation we can go back to working on our necessary OSHA Training, I’m sure all of us were busy with other factors of our project that we got distracted. The module is the help us know the component of a safe and healthful workplace; something that we’re practicing by participating in this project. Once we need to use tools we’ll have to use the things we learned from OSHA to be wary of the potential hazards and be safe around others. As bio-medical students, we haven’t had much experience with outdoor tools but it’s never too late to learn!

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