Pros At Prototyping – Espinosa

As the 2015 year comes to a close, Backwards In High Heels company continues to work towards our mission. There is no such thing as over recapping on a mission statement, so we’d like to remind ourselves and customers what we are striving for. The Backwards in High Heels company was created in order to create a high heel shoe insole that would ensure overall safety and comfort of customers while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shoe. Although our final product has not made its way into stores yet, we have slowly and steadily made our transition into prototyping. We envision our final product to be comprised of a form-fitting foam material, a messaging gel material, and lastly leather. Unfortunately, many of our materials in which we had ordered before thanksgiving break for our prototype have not made it into our hands quite yet. Soon we will have our leather, gel bra cups and museum putty. We hope the gel cups will work out as perfectly as the massaging gel that will be located where the ball of the foot rests and the museum putty we hope will be the perfect adhesive. Also we must constantly remind ourselves that our prototype does not have to be ready to send off to mass produce, but simply prove that our design concept is possible.

Since we still had time to use up while waiting for our orders to ship and arrive, we decided to create a prototype out of materials we could easily find in our engineering portable. With our limited resources we were able to create a simple prototype that captured our ideas pretty well. This prototype of our insole was created to fit a size 8 shoe precisely. The location where the heel’s weight is completely distributed, we used sandpaper. This was our choice in material because although we will have cushioning there, we also want to have a material that will cling to the heel. This surface would be filled with friction in order to keep the heel in place and protect the back of the foot from potentially rubbing against the back of the shoe constantly. We have all owned a pair of shoes that deceived us; looking comfortable and stylish, yet leaving our feet aching and filled with new and painful blisters. Moving down the shoe insole, we used popsicle sticks in order to represent a more sturdy and structural part of the insole. This is where the leather will be. Also there are multiple layers of paper on one side, which represents the idea that the leather will act as cushioning as well. Making this simple prototype out of paper and common items helped our company prepare for the real deal and appreciate spray on adhesive.


Backwards In High Heels’ first prototype. This paper prototype uses common items found around the engineering portable and fits snug inside a size 8 high heel.

Our final decision we have made at the conclusion of this week was that we wish to use the fabric from the corporation called Faytex, in which sells fabrics and materials that are used in shoe insoles. After contacting them by sending a message asking for samples of various types of materials we have decided that it would be visually appealing if we inclose our insole with this material. This would add extra cushioning and is water resistant.


Dri-Lex material that Backwards In High Heels has received. These free samples have made use realize that we want to include this fabric into our final design.

Waiting for products to arrive isn’t always the most fun experience, but we know that we will be prepared to get right to work when we receive them. The day we get our materials will be like our first of many Christmas mornings. All of the members of Backwards In High Heels have gained a new skill called patience throughout this step of the design process. We will continue to experiment with various methods and ideas to apply to our prototype up until our final presentation.

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