What is still left to do? By Claudia V.

This week has been all about trying to finalize everything. Comfort4U has been really focusing on trying to complete everything that is necessarey in preparation for our final presentation that is coming up in about two weeks if not less. From working on our powerpoint presentation to making the finishing touches to the 3-D sketch up model of our design, the team has been looking over the criteria and requirements for the final presentation over and over to make sure nothing is missing. We were recently told how the day of the final presentation will work out. There will be two panel of judges, consisting of engineers and other guests, who will be reviewing our design proposal. Comfort4u has to work on practicing our presentation because we want to leave a good impression.

IMG_2724 (1)
Original Photo. Comfort4U is working on finalizing the powerpoint presentation, making sure that everything necessary about our design is presented.

The 3-D sketch up of our model is still yet to be complete. The only thing necessary is adding the cover itself. Last class, our engineer, Susette, who is the one who has been working extremely hard on our 3-D design, was absent. Comfort4U didn’t want to loose any precious time working, so I decided to see if I could be any help to Susette on working on the 3-D sketch up. I was able to contact Susette and get the information needed to access our 3-D design. Now, I’ve never used Google Sketch up before, so I was completely clueless as to how the program worked. My goal was to somehow create what seems to be a seat cover for our chair design. The question for me was: How am I going to do such a thing? I literally knew nothing about how anything worked. Fortunately, with the help of a few experts, and with push of a few buttons, I was able to create that seat cover. Success! I guess you can now say that I’m an expert at using Google Sketch Up. LOL! Susette has yet to see what I’ve done, and see if she approves of it in order to really call myself victorious. The only thing I was not able to figure out how to do is placing the actual cover to the chair, but I’ll leave that to Susette before I really mess up all of her hard work.

All that Comfort4U really needs to do is build the actual prototype. Unfortunately, our materials are still yet to arrive, and due to the lack of our materials, and lack of time, we will not be able to properly build a functioning prototype. Our teacher suggested that all of the groups build something small out of whatever materials. It doesn’t necessarily have to work right now, it just has to show the overall basis of the design, and that it has potential to work. Comfort4U will work on deciding how we want to present our prototype. Until then, we will continue to work on our final presentation. The team is really excited to finish the semester really strong.

IMG_2725 (1)
Original photo of Claudia trying to figure out how to work Google Sketchup.

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