We Finally Start!- LBanda

After a few weeks of wanting to actually start working on our model, today we officially began cutting and measuring and sizing our group members. We haven’t received all of our materials because some things take longer to arrive than others. Each class period we anxiously await to see if our teacher has a box with her. So far we have received some molded face masks that we plan on using for sizing. We also received some elastic because we want make sure the mask is secure to ones face. Also we did get a strap and buckle that we thought would be ideal to use because it can be adjusted and very easily one could clip it to their head. After some group discussions we decided that the buckle would be a bit bulky and might be uncomfortable for somebody that wishes to lay their head down and can feel the buckle digging into their skull. So we scratched that idea and also we accidentally ordered the strap and buckle that was too huge. Instead we decided to use some knitted elastic, ¾” and some Tri-Glides which can be adjusted accordingly and are curved so they can curve one’s head.

Displaying CAM02151.jpg
Taken by LBanda The Molded Surgical Masks we ordered to use for our prototype.
12pcs 3/4" Plastic Black Curve Slider Tri-Glide Adjust Tri-ring Buckles For Dog Collar Harness Backpack Straps FLC129-B1
Source: http://www.amazon.com/Plastic-Tri-Glide-Tri-ring-Backpack-FLC129-B1/dp/B00Q4L9F0U The Curved Tri-glides we plan to use for the back

We started by taking measurements of the surgical molded masks we ordered, which was hard. It is basically a hemisphere and we were having troubles with what exactly to measure and how we should, and with precision.  Eventually we got it settled and printed out the 3D model I created and labeled with with the measurements.

Displaying CAM02154.jpg
Source: Taken by LBanda These are the measurements in height, width and diameter of the 3D model.

Then we were able to start messing with the masks and started cutting some up and trying them on ourselves so see how we can change it up to meet our design. One Of my fellow group members cut up the middle section and left about an inch along the entire rim. We plan on starting our prototype from this by adding on the fabrics we wish to use and the inhalation valve. The thing we are concerned for is the size of the valve, because we planned on adding one on each side, but after researching and finding some on Amazon they all seemed to be big. Our only option would be to place on in the middle, but we need to test that out first. In order for the mask to be tighlty secured around one’s face, we want to place to elastic maybe along the rims so it can be tightened with the straps.

We hope to spend the next week we receive the rest of our materials and hope to get more hands on to create our final product.

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