Change of Plans~ Carina .C

The Baby Beeper team had to take a new route after having researched more about our initial idea and having talked to Ms. Miesner. It was not as an original idea than we had thought in the beginning steps of brainstorming. The picture below is a sketch of a design that would have gone with the car seat alarm but the change in plan is going to have a different design. A plan that the group decided is a good possibility is helping children that have ADHD to stay on task and not distract other people. To do this we would design a hearing device that is like a hearing aid but will have either a vibration mechanism or sound mechanism that will active when the child is moving too much. This will help the child stay focused because the listening device will serve as a helpful reminder to stay on task and pay attention in class also help decrease the amount of movement the child does. However more research will have to be done to see how the device will affect a child and how they would react to the sound or vibration mechanism.


My design for the portable alarm device that would go on the key chain

Displaying IMAG0032_BURST002_COVER.jpg

The design will be in a way like a hearing aid but with a different design and will incorporate a more comfortable material so it will be favorable to the costumer. It is a unique issue and this type solution hasn’t really been expanded upon. This can be very beneficial for the children with ADHD and the students around them. To make this product even more desirable we would have to research in depth the shape of the ear and the guidelines to a hearing aid, as well as have a visually appealing design. The picture below is an example of a more modern design of a listening/communication device. This is sort of an inspiration on what should be taken into consideration when designing this product. In adding a sensor it will prove to be somewhat of a challenge because of the smaller design in comparison to the previous one for the car seat.


hearing aid Picture from here!

The team will be taking a new route and will hopefully have a well developed plan to present this idea to the panel of judges in the day of presentations.


Should hearing aids be made more comfortable?

How many people do you think are affected by ADHD?

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