We Are Roadrunners Not Coyotes- Stormy

Hey there,

So as you can see with our previous posts, we have been hard at work. But, with work, comes research, and with research comes road blocks, and unfortunately with road blocks come large brick walls that you would hope you could run through like a Looney Toons cartoon. But, alas we are currently not the roadrunner, who can some how foil Wile E Coyote’s attempts. We have hit the acme wall, and have given up trying to break it.

With further research we as baby beeper, with the amazing help of our supervisors (ie teachers), we have determined that the infant/ developing child safety market is over saturated. This has left us with wiring coming in the mail, originally planned for our amazing engineers to build a pressure sensor, and five (including myself) lovely ladies at wits end on what to innovate next.

But, like most memorable women throughout history we must persevere on. Because we have already ordered, the materials for a bread board, we plan on creating a pressure sensor anyway, but with a different purpose. A purpose…. we haven’t exactly figured out yet. But, we are smart young women leaders ready to innovate, and solve problems creatively and ethically.

There will not be smooth sailing ahead, but we will fight those waves. There will be NO easy solution. And, time is of the essence. We are no longer baby beeper, because we are no longer 100% sure we are helping babies. We are roadrunners not coyotes. We will out wit that stupid Wile E coyote, and we will take down ACME.

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