Prototype Problems- Ana F.

After submitting a 3-D sketch of our design, the SuperNovas were told to consider additional sensors and a slight change in our design. We are focusing on heat exhaustion so we only added a heat sensor to the original design. Now thinking about the clients, we are targeting companies so perhaps some additional uses will appeal to that audience. In order to help the employers, the SuperNovas are considering adding a GPS system. However, due to time reasons, this will not apply to the first prototype.

There is another dilemma. None of our ordered materials have arrived and we only have two more weeks before we have to present our design to a panel of important guests. We still need to put the heat sensor, padding, cloth, and chin strap on the hard hat. We have not even found a chin strap to order. Our adviser, Ms. Miesner, has kindly offered her old bike helmet. This bike helmet has a chin strap that we be able to remove and use in our own design.chin strap

We observed the bike helmet and have seen how it is attached. It may be a bit difficult for us to remove the chin strap. It is looped around a piece of plastic that is then woven into the helmet. They are sewn very tightly and the only way to remove it would be to cut that part of the strap off. This is going to be difficult to do but I believe we should be able to fix this problem.

Since the materials have not arrived yet, we can only work on our presentation for the board. This is what we have been working on this week. We also created a sheet listing all that we have bought, how much they were and the amount of money we have left. This is what we will be working on for the next week, or at least until the materials arrive.

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