Hestia hits Walls, but Goes Over Them- Lourdes Cruz

Recently Hestia has come across some obstacles. For example recently we found out that our product is not as unique as we thought it was. There are blankets that already exist that wrap around the baby, and there are already a lot of head supports that help mothers out. We also came across a more personal problem. We realized that we all were not in agreement to what our design product would look like. Half of us believed that the blanket would only contain foam on the head support portion of the design, while the other half believed that the foam would also serve as a padding.

Our teacher showed us some existing products that may not have been exactly like our own design, but they were close enough, for example the Baby Wrap swaddle blanket from Bundlebee,

A very similar example of our design

which has a head support and it wraps around the child was very similar to what we were hoping our design would look like. But now out teacher has found an article where it says that lullaby help a child calm down. We figured that a lot of products already exist with sound coming from them such as teddy bears and toys, but we had never come across a blanket that has sound. We researched more into the best kind of sounds for babies, and we saw that a study from the University of Copenhagen concluded that sounds from the womb help a child feel safe and comfortable. It helps them sleep comfortably and feel secure. We also realized that it would not be too hard to find a sound like a heart beat, because stores like Build-A-Bear, provide those to put inside bears, so we could just buy them separately and insert the sound into the head foam support, and the parents could just turn it on as soon as the child starts to become fussy.

This heart will emit heartbeat sounds when activated
This heart will emit heartbeat sounds when activated

Whenever we were organizing ourselves to preform different tasks we saw that we were actually not in accordance to each others design. We knew we had to solve this problem right away and to make sure that we all knew what was going on in order to move forward. We questioned each design an tried to figure out what made one design better than the other. We agreed that the padding on the bottom may not have as much benefits, it would just be extra, and we want to keep in mind that we do not want to make our product expensive.

Hestia did come across a lot of problems, but we remembered that the best way to solve these would be to calmly talk to each other and figure it out as a group. At the end of the day we know that we will get this project done at the best of our abilities.

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