Bathtub Handles! LEIDY CONTRERAS

Hi fellow readers, this week has been a pretty easy week, we’ve worked hard don’t get me wrong but now that we’ve decided on what to do with our project everything has made more sense. At the beginning of this school week we spoke with our teachers and they told us once again to make sure we are focusing on one single thing and make sure we know every single detail of how our design will be introduced into new bathtubs. Our teacher questioned us she asked many great questions which made us think harder than usual, we thought about her questions and realized she was right. We decided to focus on creating good reliable handles for our clients, we are currently also figuring out a way on how this handle will be placed in already created bathtubs without damaging them. We want to do some sort of drilling into the wall but at the same time are not very sure about, considering that most of our clients might not want us to go drill wholes in their bathtub, not every one has the same type of bathtub material which makes it difficult for us, we will not be able to just drill holes in peoples bathrooms. We will take some time this weekend to hopefully come up with a reasonable way of fixing this installing obstacle we have.

Yuvia working on our Prototype (picture taken by Leidy)
Yuvia working on our Prototype (picture taken by Leidy)

This week we’ve also started working on our final presentation, which will be a major grade in our semester grade. We’ve split the work in half but now and then get help from each other as well, Yuvia has been working very hard on the actual design of our bathtub, for this presentation she will include a whole sketch of what we would of liked our bathtub to look like, but because of time and lack of materials we were not able to come up with the production of a brand new bathtub. We will be focusing on the bathtub handles which will also be shown in this design. Yuvia has been using Google sketch up to crate the design, us bio-medical students had never even heard of Google sketch up, but due to the circumstances we are in we all had to play around with it for a while and get the hang of it to help Yuvia with the design. We have been been working on the power point we’ve decided to create for the panel of judges we will be delivering our design proposal to. Today was the first day one of the materials we ordered arrived we were all very happy about that and are now even more enthusiastic about the project. We hope we continue doing great and have productive weeks.

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