Guppies are ready to float! – Toni Akunebu

With finals a mere two and half weeks away, Guppies Group inc. has been hard at work gathering the rest of our materials and putting together our presentation for our final. As a company we are facing a real-world problem- our materials that was ordered before the Thanksgiving break have yet to been delivered to ARS for us to begin our prototyping. Even with our lack of materials, every group is required to come up with some functioning prototype for the final.

Neoprene material GGI ordered before the break- hopefully it will arrive soon!
Neoprene material GGI ordered before the break- hopefully it will arrive soon!

This is when amazing, creative minds can come together to solve the problem! Until we have received our materials, GGI will begin to prototype our flotation device with paper and popsicle sticks to help mimic the Neoprene and Vinyl material. Although it is not an ideal model type we had picture for our final, it can help our group with prototyping the actual product when we receive our materials from the mail.

C.W hard at work finalizing the materials list for GGI last order form
C.W hard at work finalizing the materials list for GGI last order form

On that note, GGI has also been actively working to finish and complete the rest of our materials list. As I had mentioned before in my previous blog post, we finally decided on our complete design to be made which will be comprised of the arm floatie to cover up to the child’s bicep and the waistband. Both products will be adjustable in two different ways;The belt will have a 1 inch belt buckle and the arm floatie will be adjustable with snaps. We have decide on sew on snaps that will require precision and some skill. I did a little research on YouTube and found this video that will help GGI with our sewing of the snaps. We plan on putting in the rest of our order in by the end of the week to make sure that our materials will all arrive before the Holiday break.

On top of GGI working on our prototype, we also are required to create a ten minute presentation that will be presented in front of a panel of judges. The presentation will consist of the background information of our product, a 3D model, the body systems affected by our product and our purpose as a company. During this presentation,GGI will also get the chance to show off our prototype (Hopefully made from our materials). GGI will continue to work on our presentation to help prepare for the final.  With that I leave you all with a few question from our group-

Is there any ideas as to how GGI can test our prototype?

What are the best ways to give our presentation?

How can we work around a non- working prototype?


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