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So far in class, the Buckle Blanket group has been trying to order materials for building the actual “Buckle Blanket”. The only products we have received at this point are the hooks we’d ordered from Amazon. They came five in a pack and appear to be very sturdy, however, since we are only working on the prototype, we don’t mind if they aren’t exactly suited to the needs of our product, since we’ll refine our idea over the year and probably order more products with better durability. The downside to all this, is that we are still waiting on our other supplies to arrive (samples of netting and grommets). As a group, we agreed that if we don’t receive these items by the end of this week, we’ll make a “false” prototype. That is, we’ll use readily available materials (such as butcher paper and Popsicle sticks) to construct our product. You see, we have to present a working model to a panel of judges two weeks from now along with a presentation. As a group, we guessed that it wouldn’t take long to make the prototype and we plan to spend about two class periods working on it next week. As for our presentation, we’ve started working on that and hope that we’ll get it done by next Friday so that we can practice our presentation.

On a different note I wanted to talk about being thankful. Yes, I do know that Thanksgiving has already passed, but being thankful shouldn’t end with holidays. In fact, I know at least one thing you can be thankful about right now: Your Seat belt. No, I’m not about to go into the functions of the seat belt but I’m about to give you five different ways you can recycle old seat belts from cars that no longer work. So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy. (Note: All of the following ideas have been supplied by howstuffworks. Feel free to click on the hyperlink to access the official page).

Five Ways To Recycle a Seat belt:

  • Be fashionable and Eco-friendly by taking your old seat belt and creating clothing with the fabric!
  • Purses have always been in style and with the wonderful texture and patterns that you can make from using different seat belts as the material, you can’t lose your style.

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    So stylish! Source: howstuffworks
  • Everyone loves to relax and recline at times…even more so when you know that your recycling while catching up on some much needed rest in a hammock made out of seat belts.
  • Sitting down has never been more fun…especially when the seat is created out of seat belts!
  • It’s fun to be creative and in the atmosphere of today…being Eco-friendly while making beautiful pieces of art can provide an awesome challenge. Try to use seat belts to make something new this week!

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    So comfortable! Source: howstuffworks

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