Building is Upon Us and the Rise of a Foot Revolution- Andrea Cazares

Today is the day we started building our prototype. From the second we got our materials, we went straight to building. Immediately, yoga mats were cut and insole materials were extracted. If you follow my previous blogs you can see that I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time! I, along with the rest of my team, was excited to see our design in action. As you can see from this picture, Sofia worked hard and diligently to cut up a yoga mat with an X-Acto knifeSofia Cutting

Eliza and I ordered the materials which came just a little under our budget. We were extremely proud of ourselves for making sure that we used our money wisely. All of our materials are from Amazon and we were very fortunate that Amazon ships out the materials on time.

Today we started constructing the skeleton of the prototype. The challenges we encountered were that the insoles were very large. However, it turned out to be a good thing for our design because it provided us with more materials. Here is a picture of the insole we ordered.


The wavy gel is extremely beneficial to our design because it provides the necessary support for the heel. Not only that, but it provides a great deal of comfort to our customers. Looking back at the Interpreted Needs, comfort was one of our priorities. I remember talking to my cousin and she was complaining to me how hard it is to live every day with foot pain. When she does find an insole that works, it usually doesn’t last her awhile. The SEAS team is keeping in mind the need for a durable product. That is why we are constantly making our design better.

This week I chose to spotlight Eliza Martin. Eliza has been using her expertise in medical conditions to construct the design. As biomedical girls, Eliza and I don’t have as big of a part in creating the design in AutoCAD. However, we often times see what Stephanie and Sofia need, and help them out in any way we can.


That’s what makes our group as well as it is. Because we each have our own special quality that we add to this design production, we can truly make the best product for our consumer. So with that, I’ll say that I can’t wait for our prototype to be finished and presented. The foot insole market better watch out because there’s a revolution in feet insoles upon us!


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