Design Madness: Amanda Campos

Howdy folks! Well Mothers Do Matter has just come back from their Thanksgiving break. Since the last time a team member posted much hasn’t happened but I’ll be more than happy to inform you all of everything that is still to come and what we’ve accomplished this far.

Team member, Gabriela, hard at work trying to meet the deadline.
Team member, Gabriela, hard at work trying to meet the deadline.

The week before our break it was crunch time. All the groups were scrambling to get their Google Sketchup or AutoCAD model just perfect. Since I was one of the engineering girls in my group who had to make a rough draft of our final model I was really surprised how much the other girls were struggling with Google Sketchup like I was. It made me feel better especially since making a simple strap would take me the whole class! But I think it was a good thing we were all having to relearn how to use the programs and how to familiarize our selves with it because it allowed up to help one another and to bounce ideas off each other.

After I finished my model and posted it for our mentors viewing our group was mostly done with our design except for a couple of changes that we may have needed to make.

Today in class Mothers Do Matter discussed one of our models, mine. I have to admit there was a lot of things I didn’t consider when making the design. I’m pretty sure my group members didn’t think of it either. For example, Mrs.Miesner mentioned how we would have to take into account the amount of suction our motor would have to produce in order to get the milk. That is something that would have never crossed my mind! But after she told us that I started thinking about other things in our design that I had overlooked. For example, no of us knew how to rig the breast pump so that as the motor is going (the windup spinning) and the milk is coming out at the same time. We figured that we would only need one tube but now that I’m thinking about it I think we might need one tube for suction and another to collect all the milk directly from the breast.

While meeting with our mentors we also went over errors in the design. For example some of the measurements that were labeled were completely unrealistic. I mean, a bottle holder with a four foot diameter? No. That sounds like the size for a giant. Other that having to add the final touches to the design, like the tubes and breast shield, I have to go back and change the dimensions so that its more life like.

First draft of Mothers Do Matter's breast pump.
First draft of Mothers Do Matter’s breast pump.

As always thanks for reading!

-Amanda C

*Pictures curtesy of myself

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